Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer Gardening

My daughter brought her play camera to our city garden plot the other day and took some really cool shots. Yes, I love everything she makes, that is my job, but I thought it might be a nice thing to share with my readers. Here is my 5 yr old's view of a day in the sunshine of our garden.

Marigolds gone by, looking closely and smelling their pungent fragrance as she dead heads them. I think this is a universal North American gardening experience. So happy to instill these scents in her childhood memory.

This one is so beautiful, she held a stick up and made a growling face, but "It didn't work", she said. I think it is a great self portrait. Very summery and sunshine. Even though it is the hot sweltering end of summer, this image is sweet and self aware.

I asked her to take one of me for fun. She had her turn with the hose and soaked me earlier, I am drenched in this picture. We really have a good time together when it's just us. I love going to the garden with her. She helped me weed the beets at age 3. Now at age 5, she is making friends with mourning doves and asking if we can take them home. I said she has to catch them first.

Watering plot #32. I propped up the hose in our neighbor's fence so I could focus on the other plot. I love to see her perspective, her vantage point and her world.

Morning glories cover the fences this year thicker than in past years. The vines provide some much needed shade in our corner near plot #2. She was hanging out close to me picking these heart shaped leaves and giving them to me. She repeated over and over that she was giving me the most important gift of the loving heart. I made sure to tuck them into my pockets so I wouldn't lose them.

It was a really hot blazing summer day out there, but we kept cool in the hose. There were a lot of weeds to pull, but we did find some creatures to look at. I squished harlequin beetles, squash bugs and we had to leave the mourning dove where he was perched on the fence. I left that garden closer to my daughter. Girl time.