Friday, January 15, 2010

Lunch with Handmade

We love having tea parties around here. Looris and Candee and the 3 eyed green Cottonmonster joined us today. Sometimes it's the baby dolls and teady bears that have their playtime, but for some reason this handmade plushie crew always brings more of a party. They order things like flaming orange flippy dips, pinapple swimmy swammies, and strawberry dingdangdoos. And as for their behavior, well, that is another story. It's always more fun with imaginative handmade.


Adelaide said...

This post takes me back. I loved having tea parties as a kid. I would definitely invite the green monster if I had one now.

greenstarstudio said...

ha! look at that. awesome. Knitimals rocking a tea party. nice.

白色與茅 said...
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