Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspired to Work by the Buyer's Market of Philadelphia

Back from a trip to the Buyer's Market of Philadelphia this week. Just visiting, not selling. I was lucky to get to tour the floor with my friend Monica and Jen Menkhaus, the former Assistant Show Director. I was able to connect with some great young sellers like Betsy of Foundling , Sofi Masri and some seasoned sellers such as Michael Michaud and Melissa Finelli. I even saw a few familiar faces from Baltimore in action Barbie Levy and Lisa Cimino, both had stunning displays and beautiful products.

I was very inspired by the day. I better understand what needs to get in line in order to really be prepared to do a show of this magnitude. So, off to kick start production, maybe make some new things.

Solid products, line sheets, display, confidence, courage... I feel like we are kicking off the new year to a good start!

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