Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blooms of the week 6/8/10

Can these Asiatic Lilies give a bigger and brighter show?!? I mean, this has been nonstop for 3 weeks now! I am so glad we took a chance on the mixed collection when we did. These hardy beauties have brought us lively color for us to enjoy year after year. I guess these have been established in our container garden for about 4 yrs now. It might be time to split them up and give them to some friends soon.
And lovely marigolds, how I love you. These seeds were collected at our community garden plot one Fall when the growing season was coming to an end. The red/orange/gold blooms on these 18" annuals are enjoyable all summer. Some of our other varieties of marigolds self seeded this year, so we have lots of orange ones, too. Also, our petunias self seeded all over the place and I have been tucking those into pots all over the yard for purple and pink color.

More pictures to come as the blooms keep on going!

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