Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Station North Art Festival, Baltimore with Babes

The other day, our wonderful school art teacher Ms. Laura Embereson, pulled me aside in the hall to tell me my daughter will have work on display at this event, and that there will be awards given out like a real art show! I had never heard of the event before, but it sounded intriguing, especially since our daughter's self portrait will be on display. The exhibit is called Aimed for Purpose, very appropriate for a student show.

Thinking back to my own childhood, this event sounds like similar exhibits I showed at. I am artist, who was once a child who enjoyed making art. I remember when my parents encouraged me and my talent, exposing me to events and exhibits like this. A child feels a great sense on accomplishment and pride when they see a piece of their own artwork in an exhibit, out there in the world. I can't wait to share this day with her!

Location : Across from Station North Thrift Store, 1400 Greenmount Ave.
Time: Saturday May 14th, 12-4pm

For more info: Adopt a Block Inc.

Station North Art Festival (SNAF) is a program that is run through Adopt-A-Block, Inc. that involves East Baltimore schools and school-aged children who submit artwork based on a pre-determined theme that is always positive and community based. We collect the artwork from individuals and teachers, it is judged by professional artists, and the top 3 students and top school are awarded several prizes.

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