Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exotics to Grow

One day when I was tool shopping at Harbor Freight in Parkville, I happened upon a gem of an aquarium store that happens to be located right next door to them. I found Exotic Aquatics , a supplier of really amazing specimen for the aquarium enthusiast.

Now, I must admit, I have always frequented pet stores just to check out the cool stuff in the tanks. I grew up with a variety of pets such as minnows, frogs, turtles, fish... I am a sucker for aquarium stores. But this one is amazing! Carrying marine and freshwater plants and animals, this place is truly unique. They have tanks and tanks of live corals that are propagated in house from imported specimens.

They even have a variety of crustaceans. Shrimp, hermit crabs, and my own fave (one of which came home w/ me on that first visit) the Rainbow Land Crab.

Meet Fruity the One Eyed Crab:


Juliet said...

Nolan and I spent a good half and hour with that tank in the front, just the other day!

tigerlillyshop said...

no way! it really is a fun place to visit;)