Thursday, July 31, 2008

Veggies of the Week

Hierloom Brandywine tomatoes. Started from seeds in our basement back in March and transplanted. Still waiting for them to turn red.

Zuccini, so much zuccini I can't take it anymore! And delicious carrots. The carrots we planted seeds right in the ground -and to our surprise they actually grew.

Cooking beets last night. So strange looking on the stove top. These were from seeds planted directly in the ground. So many beets this year, SO pretty.


Anonymous said...

The thing about growing carrots is that they have to be in ground that is is free of debris that might interfere with the growing root. If the carrot encounters an obstacle, like a rock, piece of glass, or a piece of wood the carrot will stop getting longer or may turn and grow crooked.

I think all the produce is wonderful. I especially like the tomatoes. They look great!

I am surprised you grew beets, however. I thought I was the only one in our family that likes them.

Great job.


tigerlillyshop said...
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tigerlillyshop said...

Dad, I forgot that you have gown things before. I'll take the carrot advice for the fall. We are planning subsequent plantings.

And I never have eaten beets much before this year. I like them! Who knew?

I'll have more pics of tomatoes as they ripen...lots more.

;)love you, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have a little Russian in you! All Russians I know love beets. Baba used to make vegan beet soup during our severe fasts before Christmas and Easter holidays. Most modern day recipes for borsch use beef broth, pieces of beef or pork, and of course, sour cream, along with the beets and other ingredients. We never had it that way, however. Ours was a peasant recipe.