Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventures in Canning

From this (well, more than this):

To these 3 quarts: Yes, folks, I can say that I have canned tomatoes for the first time in my life. I have proudly done it, my grandmothers have done it, my great grandmothers have done it, and I am sure that lineage keeps going on and on.

We grew them from seed early last spring. More are ripe than we can handle at the moment, so, I thought I would try my hand at preserving in this way. Summer's fresh tomato/basil flavor is captured in these jars for us to enjoy later this winter! Am I too excited about this? Probably.

I have always loved getting homemade canned goods from relatives and generous neighboors. Now I know first hand the blood, sweat, and tears that actually goes into this dying culinary tradition. A lot of work, but I am proud to have it in my pantry;)


fomicmr said...

Beautiful!!! I remember your great grandmother, your grandmothers, and my aunts doing tomatoes, as well as other produce. Pickles, relishes, jams, jellies, sliced fruit. Anything from the garden or our fruit trees. Dzeda made sauerkraut!

mikealley said...

dad, thanks for sharing! that's awesome to hear. allison, mucho kudos. great job. beautiful. :)

mikealley said...

um...i guess the google account defaults to mike's name. b ut that was from me. katrina. don't worry dad...mike is not calling you dad! :)

mikealley said...



tigerlillyshop said...

LOL, K! you are so funny!