Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thomas Mann Design, ACC seller feature

Thomas Mann is well known the jewelry world. People know his work when they hear his name, conjuring up images of whimsy-mechanical art jewelry. His self described wearables are a "Techno.Romantic style that combines industrial aesthetics and materials with evocative romantic themes and imagery". His studio is in New Orleans where he designs and oversees a production.

Although Mann has been successful with his varied lines of jewelry, sculpture is where his true heart lies. His booth at the ACC show had a smattering of interesting pieces on display.

My sister worked in his busy New Orleans production studio filling the orders that came in weekly. Once, I was lucky enough to get a quick behind the scenes tour of the shop and browsed the gallery while visiting home one Christmas. I remember leaving his studio with true inspiration! I was happy to have talked with Thomas Mann at the ACC show the other week. So exciting to meet such interesting and successful artists throughout the show!

Thomas Mann has worked tirelessly over the years exhibiting his jewelry and sculpture and currently shows in more than 250 galleries and stores across the nation. Currently you can find him showing and teaching at various venues across the country. Mann supports local artists in his I/O gallery at 812 Magazine St.

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