Monday, September 14, 2009

My ottoman, Upholstery Before and After

So, I got this beauty about 5 yrs ago. I traded for it -the other guy got a very sad worn out computer. This little mobile ottoman is a nice thing to have around to prop your feet up on, roll through the house as a toy, and seems to be one of my daughter's favorite play things. Slowly it has been leaking it's contents all over my house. It was time for a makeover.

This is it open with it's guts out. Some sort of fibrous fill that I have never seen before in my 11 yrs as an upholsterer. Anyhoo, I used the pattern, sewed an new one in leather, stuffed the heck out of it... TA DA!!

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mikealley said...

whhhhaaaaaaat?!?!?! SHOW US!