Friday, September 4, 2009

Reaching the Children

In response to all of the fear mongering about the President's speech to the youth of our nation next week, some people have decided to keep their children home from school Tuesday in protest. I personally think that having our President acknowledge our nation's kids and encourage them to take personal responsibility for their lives is a smart move. I mean, duh. Education is what makes life rich and the only person who can learn is the one who takes the initiative. Hearing it from the President has the potential to improve the choices kids make in regards to their education and ultimately their lives.

There has been a lot of chatter among my friends and family on this issue, and I have one funny smarty-pants friend who nailed it. She imagines her response to a hypothetical school that won't show the speech to to their students:

"to whom it may concern, I chose to keep my son/daughter home from school today, in the hopes that the president and I might be able to teach him/her any number of things that you seem to have decided he/ she doesn't need to know. I'm willing to take the risk that he/she didn't miss much there today. I understand that life lessons and encouragement... Read More to succeed may not help him/her pass your standardized tests, but I think we can both agree those are a crock anyway. Sincerely, open Minded, Responsible Parent"

Yeah, that's right on.

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fomicmr said...

Why are parents objecting to their children listening to the President of the United States, when they don't have a clue about what their children listen to on the radio or watch on television, myspace or youtube? I'm dumbfounded!