Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Come by and see B.E.S.T this Saturday in our massive tent in Hampdenfest!
The Baltimore Etsy Street Team is proud to be giving back with our first “Craft Supply Drive!”

Please bring any unused craft (or office) supplies or gift card to our booth at Hampdenfest on September 13th, and receive a coupon for 10% off any one purchase from a BEST member at the show!All supplies will be donated to Art with a Heart, a Baltimore charity which provides interactive, hands-on art activities to disadvantaged families and children, and to people with developmental and physical challenges. They lost many of their supplies to a fire this summer, and we would love to help get them fully stocked again!

Most Needed:
Deco Markers / Paint Markers
Elmer’s Glue
Fabric Glue / Fabric-Tac
Hot glue guns and glue sticks
Glue sticks
Masking tape
Mod Podge
Paint brushes
Pencil sharpeners
Single hole punchers
Scotch Tape
Tacky Glue
Also Needed:
Aluminum foil
Disposable/plastic bowls
Elastic string
Glitter glue
Jewelry hardware
Mat board
Mat cutter
Mini hot glue gun sticks
Paper towels
Puffy paint
Screw gun
Sculpey clay
Self-hardening clay
Tag board/poster board
Watercolor paper


Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with your work!
I'm from Baltimore too, although I go to school in Philly. I am a graphic design student, and love any kind of art. I think your copper work is so cool-looking! And I also can't believe that you can encase all these plants and insect wings in copper! Can't wait to go to Hampdenfest this year to see your stuff!

tigerlillyshop said...

awesome! can't wait to meet you;)