Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Orchid Collection Is Here!

Inspired by these:

to create this:
for you to be inspired by!

My new Orchid Collection has a variety of flowers to offer the creative soul. These images of varieties such as dendrobuim, phalaenopsis, and paphiopedilum are all made from original drawings.
These are copyrighted images for my customers to use in making things. I ask people who purchase my stamps and intend to sell their items made with them, to please give me credit in some way for the original art used to create my stamp. Either link to my shop, put my name, Allison Fomich somewhere in the listing, or my name.Thank you for honoring this request ;)
AND if you get back to me w/ pics of the work you make with my stamps, I'll promote you on this blog!

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