Saturday, September 20, 2008

I got all of this for $8

We shopped our neighborhood farmer's market this morning. Located in he heart of ha! Highlandtown arts & entertainment district at Bank & Conkling Streets, the Market operates every Saturday, 8:00am til Noon, July 12th thru November 1st. BEST will be be joining the Market on Oct. 25th.

I used to shop Sundays at the big one under the JFX overpass... but ours is charming, within walking distace, and I get a deal everytime I go! Today I parted with $8.00 and got a quart of juicy Asian Pears, half a dozen ears of fresh corn, a quart of sweet peppers, and 3 huge and beautiful plump pettypan squash (one of my faves). I mean, DEAL.
Then we swung by Hoehns Bakery right there on the corner for mouth watering fresh baked pasteries. My daughter and I split the lemon one, my husband picked up a still-warm buttery cinnamon bun. Thier donuts are the best I have ever had. It is great to have this 81 year old bakery in the neighboorhood. Still operated by the original founding family, Hoehn's is a scratch bakery using no mixes or bake-off items. Most of their recipes date back to the 1920's and are still baked on the original brick hearth oven. $1.60 later, we were a happy and sticky family;)

The Highlandtown Farmers' Market & ART-ket @ the Market is the only Farmers' Market in Baltimore City that can boast having ALL MARYLAND LOCAL product.
In fact, all of the Market producers are located within a 50 mile radius of Highlandtown!

The Ferguson Family Farm located in Parkton, MD, offers all natural free-range brown eggs. Lynne Ferguson takes orders for pasture raised roaster chickens, ducks and turkeys. Pasture raised pork (Roaster Pigs) are available by request.

Richardson's Farms located in White Marsh, MD, is a family-run farm providing the best veggies.

Harris Orchards as produced Maryland State Fair award winning tree-ripened peaches, apples and pears for the past 10 years. Their Asian pears are sooooo goooooood today.

Bluebird Artisanal Coffee Roasters are there weekly, along with other local craftspeople sell thier screen paintings, jewelry, and art.