Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Stocking Stuffers

Danamarie Holser is one talented illustrator, teacher, mural painter, sculptor -the list goes on. I picked these coloring books up last summer for my daughter and I am so glad I did. Inside each one is problem solving, rhyming, and great imagery. In her shop you can find a wonderfully imaginative world of knitimals. Soaps, coloring books, games, pins, masks, plushies, lots of great gifts for kids and adults alike.
This one is from the Make Me a Knitimal ACTIVITY COLORING BOOK.
My daughter and I were exploring this one last night. To my surprise, this little guy was created. The triangle between his legs is a tail wagging. Not sure what all that other stuff is... LOL.


greenstarstudio said...

love it love it love it!!! Ada, i might just have to make that knitimal now (we'll have to talk about all the squiggles... what kind of yarn would that be?). so great! thanks for sharing. xoxo, danamarie

tigerlillyshop said...
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tigerlillyshop said...

i am so glad we could share, too. kids are never ending amazement.